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A name that created waves in Indian apparel industry and brought a designs and colors into day-to-day clothing, Styles Closet is another word for style. The story that began from a shop at Textile Market in Surat has, today, made its mark on India’s fabric.

The brand offers a variety of fashion fabrics like sarees, suits, dupattas and a range of other draperies both dyed and printed, with 25-30 new designs added every day. To outfit the sartorial needs of the ever-changing world of fashion, Styles Closet has avant-garde factories in and around Surat, the textile capital of the country.

Further building on its strengths, the company has recently commissioned a new Embroidery and Garmenting unit. Also, the new Digital Saree Printing machine has been a force multiplier in the existing fashion scenario. All the facilities at Styles Closet match strict international standards of quality and this adherence to excellence has helped it build high reliability within its network of dealers and retailers.

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